Tamas Hak-Kovacs

Advisory Board Member
Tamas Hak-Kovacs

Tamas Hak-Kovacs was born in 1970 in the industrial city of Mischkolts, Hungary. In 1995 he graduated from the Budapest University of Economic Sciences, MA in Finance and Accounting. He got the second education at the University of Saarland, Saarbrücken, Germany, majoring in “Finance and Credit.” In addition, he studied for a degree “Corporate Finance” at the University of Vienna, Austria. In 2004 he studied in the CFA Institute, Charlottesville, USA, and in 2010-2011 he studied at IMD (International Institute for Management Development), Lausanne, Switzerland.

In the final year of basic education, Tamas combined work with his study. After graduation ha has been working for half a year as an assistant to the CFO for an insurance company  Providencia Insurance Plc. The next four years he served as CEO of the manufacturing company, then received an invitation from Commerzbank. Since then, he has been working for 12 years in banking business: 2000-2007 – Acting Chairman and CEO of Commerzbank subsidiary in Hungary, from July 2007 led by Commerzbank subsidiary in Moscow and from May 2010 headed a division of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) Commerzbank. While working in Russia, Tamas has established itself as an effective crisis manager, who managed to find the right solutions for the further development of financial institutions. Since March 2012 has been working in JSC “OTP Bank”, Ukraine.

Tamas is married and as three daughters (15 years 11 years and 1.5 years).