Morten Kriek

Founder & CEO
Morten Kriek

CIS bankers is Morten’s brain child. During a relentless crisis and economic downturn, CIS bankers was founded in 2011 on the back of 15 years of experience in banking and finance and 6 years of business development in the banking sector of Ukraine and the wider former USSR region. Together with his wife Elena, he built a community for financial services professionals in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, which has grown into the largest community of its kind. They now provide a unique platform for exchange knowledge, experiences, views and ideas with peers and industry thought leaders from across industries and from all over the world

Hockey game at University of Michigan

Morten is also the founder of Yonemo, an AE Leadership company. He offers consulting, training and coaching in leadership and strategy that leads to peak performance in business, sports and life. He combines the knowledge and experience from senior business executives, predominantly in banking and finance, and professional athletes, predominantly in ice hockey and cricket with empirical evidence from the world’s leading research universities where he studied over the years. This leads to innovative programs that leave a lasting positive impact.

Morten studied Business Administration at the Haarlem Business School in The Netherlands and got his Master’s Degree in Positive Leadership & Strategy from IE Business School in Madrid, Spain, in 2015.

Morten at the IE Business School graduation ceremony

He is a continuous learner with a preference for Ivy League universities. Over the past 3 years, Morten has completed programs in Leadership and Strategy at the following institutions:

  • Columbia Business School
  • Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth
  • Yale School of Management
  • Cornell University | Johnson School of Management
  • Ross School of Business at University of Michigan

Prior to his career in business, Morten was played (ice) hockey and professional cricket. He also represented his country, The Netherlands, in both these sports at junior level. Throughout his tools and methods in his executive training and coaching you will encounter the various leadership lessons Morten has derived from his experience in these sports.

Morten’s Academic Achievements


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